Release Spell

Sometimes toxic people enter our lives, and we need help cutting ties with them. Use this spell to sever the cords that bind you to someone you are ready to disentangle yourself from.

Adapted from Gigi Young’s Releasing Spell.

Best Times / Days to Perform:

Perform this spell during a waning moon.


  • 3 pieces of yarn or string:
    • Red: This represents the passion that binds you.
    • White: This represents the purity of your intentions and willingness to bring clarity to the situation.
    • Blue: This represents the invitation of knowledge, both during the ceremony and after its completion.
  • 1 white candle
  • 1 sage bundle
  • 1 bowl of water


  1. Sit in a quiet place where you feel relaxed. I do most of my spellwork in my bathroom because I know no one will bother me there!
  2. Place the candle in front of you and light it. This candle represents pure and divine light. All your intentions will be cleansed by it.
  3. Light the sage and smudge your space.
  4. Cut each piece of yarn into 9-inch sections. Tie the ends together to allow you to braid it.
  5. Bind your raw energy into the cord. Clear your mind and focus.
  6. Say out loud: “It is my intention to cut ties with [person]. Through this work I will release all connections in all directions of time. I allow wisdom and light to fill any spaces that are left in me as I let go.” As you hold the strands, put all your feelings, questions, and frustrations into your being. Allow your emotions to flow as they need to, knowing that they will no longer need to consume your thoughts any longer. Take as long as you need, putting your full heart and mind into the braiding. Your intuition will tell you when you are done.
  7. Once you feel a sense of space and clarity, it is time to let go. Take the cord firmly in both hands and hold it over the flame. Look at it, and feel what it represents. Say out loud, “I let you go now. As I burn this cord, I release all connections to you in all directions of time. I forgive you for any pain you have caused, conscious or unconscious. I let that go now. I forgive myself for any wrong doings I may have done, conscious or unconscious. I let that go now. I feel gratitude for what I have learned in this relationship, and I open myself to understanding why it manifested in my life. I allow wisdom and light to fill the empty spaces that are left in me as I let go. So mote it be.”
  8. Allow the cord to burn. When you are satisfied with its destruction, place it in the bowl of water.
  9. Smudge yourself and the space once more to disperse any lingering negative emotions.
  10. Pour the water and charred cord in a hold in the earth. If you live in an urban area, feel free to flush it. 🙂

Update: 6/25/18

I performed this spell nearly four months ago in the height of a toxic friendship that was causing my anxiety to spike and my depression to re-emerge. I was trapped by a manipulative person that was feeding off of my empathetic nature and energy, and I didn’t see a way for me to stop it. A few weeks after casting this spell, I found the courage to distance myself from her on social media. She lashed out hysterically, giving me the final reason I needed to cut her out of my life officially. I have not heard from her in nearly two months; I consider this spell a huge part of excising her from my life.

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