Hare’s Strawberry Moon Tarot Spread

I like to draw tarot cards on the full and new moons to give clarity about what might be in store for me in the coming month. This is the Full Moon Spread I did last night. I found it on Sacred Black Moon and tweaked it just slightly to meet my needs.

Here is the spread:

  1. What energies must be released?
  2. What energies must be embraced?
  3. What does the full moon have in store for me?
  4. What energies might be affecting me?
  5. What opportunities might arise?
  6. What advice should I heed this month?

Here is what I drew. I was really surprised that every card was part of the Major Arcana, but I do feel as though I’m sitting on the cusp of a major life change. Whether that’s finding a new job, pursuing a new path entirely, or moving to a new city still remains to be determined, but this year is a year of major transition for me, and it was cool to see that reflected in the cards.

What energies must be released? The Star Reversed 
This could suggest that I am giving up too easily or experiencing creative blocks. It can also indicate that I am dwelling on negative feelings (true) and that I feel disengaged and uninspired with components of my life like work (ab-so-fucking-lutely true) and personal projects.

What energies must be embraced? Death
Death is symbolic of the ending of a major phase in life. I think this card is telling me to embrace letting go of what I no longer need. It can also signify that new opportunities are on the horizon, and I absolutely hope that this is true.

What does the full moon have in store for me? The Hermit
The hermit can signify that it is time to advance a personal project. During this full moon phase, I will enter a period of introspection where I will look for the answers inside myself.  It suggests that I already have the answers I need, and that I can rely on myself to make the right decisions.

What energies might be affecting me? Temperance Reversed
The effort and energy that I am pouring into my work is not being rewarded. I absolutely feel this way, and am growing more and more frustrated with the minutiae of my job. It also signals that I am struggling to change, which is true. It can indicate that I lack a long-term vision and purpose, and that I feel out of balance because of this (true). I need to look at what I need now in the present and look at the Death card to decide what is no longer serving me and can be left behind.

What opportunities might arise? The Emperor
The Emperor can signify a home in order, future planning with a partner, or new fairness on display at work. Honestly, any of these things would be welcome in my life! The Emperor heralds status and success, and indicates I have a desire to be recognized as a strong figure of achievement and authority.

What advice should I heed this month? Judgement Reversed
This card is telling me that I shouldn’t be so stuck in the past that I refuse to learn the lessons that are right in front of me. I am indulging myself in doubt and self-judgement, and this trepidation could cause me to miss out on new opportunities. I am putting myself out in the universe with this book I am writing in a way I have never done before, and it scares the shit out of me that it will be terrible. I am taking the right steps to make sure I keep pushing myself (letting my partner read the manuscript, and enlisting Raven to read it as well!), but I can’t let that be the final step. I won’t let fear of failure keep me from trying. I need to have compassion for the person I was and for the person I am becoming.


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